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"Midnight Radio" - Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall
October 16, 2014 Michael’s first show! Also. Lena Hall, man. She’s the real deal.

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"I think she’s a very extreme character from a very extreme circumstance, but I also feel like she’s very relatable, that there’s something transcendent and universal about her story and her struggle and what she learns, and thereby teaches the audience."

Michael C. Hall on Hedwig -[x]

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Anonymous: Hey sexy Chica 🐙 I was wondering, Did Carly delete again or just move URL again?

she went back to her old url 

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Anonymous: How does it feel to be on LSD? I want to do it but I'm a bit nervous! If you are comfortable doing so, would you mind sharing your experiences?

I’ve never tripped on LSD but I’d like to eventually but last week I tripped shrooms for the first time and it was the most wonderful experience ever.

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Anonymous: where did you get your beads to make bracelets?? I cant find them anywhere!

I’ve gotten mine from walmart and amazon! 

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high fives for low lives ✌

high fives for low lives ✌

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I’ve never felt more isolated as I do now

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Anonymous: carly :(

Carlo :~)

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